Over the weekend I went to my son, Coby’s, best friend, Cooper’s, wedding. Coby and Cooper have been best friends since as far back as they can remember. The wedding was a beautiful outdoor setting with many family and friends surrounding the couple as they exchanged vows.

During the reception I began looking around at all the people the bride and groom had brought together for their special day. Seeing all those people reminded me of the ripple effect.

The ripple effect is simple, a stone is dropped in the water and the water ripples out from the place the stone was dropped.

On this special day, Cooper and his bride Savannah were the stone that their lives rippled out and brought all of the guests present together.

In life we are either the stone or part of the ripple and I believe that we can be both at the same time.

The important thing to remember about being the stone is that sometimes we are intentionally the stone and sometimes we are unintentionally the stone. We must always be mindful that either intentionally or unintentionally we cause ripples.

If we are in part of a ripple we may be experiencing it from someone else’s stone throw. While we are in the ripple we may decide with our actions we need to toss a stone and create a ripple because of the ripple we were involved in.

The ripple effect can be infinitely continued with us causing it and being part of it.

Cooper and Savannah’s wedding reminded me of the impact of ripples and the importance of always trying to create the most positive ripples possible in life.

What kind of ripple will you create?

Your Friend,