Towards the end of last week we had some snow and ice in my part of the country. Living in Texas when we get to see white stuff on the ground we get excited and most everything shuts down. I had a couple of clients to train at the gym last Friday so I turned on the four wheel drive on my pick up and went to the gym. By the time I headed home a couple of hours later the sun was out and the white stuff was starting to melt. I still had my four wheel drive on so my speed was a bit faster than when I had headed to town earlier that morning. As I approached my turn on the dirt road to my house I hit the brakes. Apparently I was going a little too fast and just slid past my turn and had to go down the road and turn around to try the turn again. Lesson learned coming back because I was going much slower and pumped the brakes gently as I approached the turn.

I began thinking about my first failed attempt at making the right turn to get home.

How many times in life are we speeding along going too fast when the road is a little slippery and we slide right by the right turn?

I realized last week that I knew the road was slippery but didn’t want to take the time to go slower because my truck was handling the road just fine, until it was time to make the turn. When the road of life is slippery we have to take the time to look ahead and now the right turn is coming but in order for us to make that turn we must slow down some even though everything seems to be going along without any problems.

My challenge to each of us this week is to look ahead at our right turns. Slow down and take them the first time so that we don’t go sliding past and have to make a u-turn to come back to the very spot we passed.

Be intentional with your road so that you can make the right turn when needed.

Your Friend,