Good Morning Friends!!

My youngest son, Kaleb, is planning to attend law school when he graduates college in May. A few weeks ago he applied for an internship at a local law office in College Station, Texas. About a week after he applied he was contacted by the law office and had a phone interview. After the phone interview he was told they would be contacting him for an in person interview. He waited a week and had heard nothing back. He called the contact person and she was not in so he left a message. After a couple of days he she had not returned his call so he called again. Again he was prompted to leave a message and chose not to leave a message. Instead, he emailed her and she responded shortly after and set up an in person interview with him. He interviewed late last week and is waiting to hear back about the position.

Chances are high that after Kaleb’s phone interview if he had not been persistent with his follow up he would not have received an in person interview. He first followed up with phone calls and leaving a message. When that method didn’t work he decided to try a different approach and email. The second approach produced results and got him an interview.

How many times do we quit when the first approach doesn’t work?

How many times do we quit when the second approach doesn’t work?

We often quit because our approach didn’t work. Just because our approach didn’t work doesn’t mean we have failed. We just have not found the right approach.

I didn’t fail the diet, it was just not the right diet for me.

I didn’t fail at exercise, it was just not the right plan for me.

My challenge to us this week is not let ourselves quit if our first approach doesn’t work. We must continue on to find the approach that does work for our situation.

For every problem there is a solution. When the solution we chose for the problem doesn’t work we can then mark off that solution and try another one. We keep going until we find the solution that works for our problem.

Failure only happens when we quit trying.

Your Friend,