Good Morning Friends!!

What will I speak about?

How will I motivate?

What difference can I make?

Our Spartan team was training in the high school parking lot when we saw the Bowie High School football team running laps in the parking lot before their workout. Each week, the coaches invite a community member to speak with the team prior to the game to help motivate and encourage them for the upcoming game.

What if I was asked to speak to the team? Some of the questions above are what went through my mind this weekend while I was running after I saw the athletes getting warmed up.

I would talk to them about getting back up when life knocks you down. I went over all the different times life has knocked me down and I got back up (some slower than others). As I thought about all of those times, I thought there has to be a name for what I wanted to convey.

Then it hit me, The Rebound Effect.

What is The Rebound Effect? When we have losses, life tragedies, struggles, problems, and just general issues that don’t go the way we want in life they can hit us easy or hard. Each time we have something happen to us, we learn how to bounce back or rebound from the event. As with anything there can positive and negative ways to rebound from an event.

I want to focus on those times we rebound in a positive manner. Each time we rebound in a positive manner we learn from the previous event what we did to rebound. We are then able to quicker rebound based on our what worked from our previous event. If we learn each time and are able to rebound quicker in a positive manner from our negative event we are utilizing the Rebound Effect.

Our challenge this week is to ask ourselves are we utilizing the Rebound Effect or are we letting the situation knock us down and keep us down. We all know that sometimes it feels easier to stay down, than to crawl, climb, and struggle to get back up.

I encourage each of us this week keep getting back up, to keep rebounding.

We each have a choice how we will rebound.

How will you rebound?

Your friend,