Who loves a BLT?

BLTs are the best.

Oh, you thought I meant bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

BLTs are those bites, licks, and taste we take throughout the day and never consider the calories because they are all small.

BLTs add up and can add up fast in a day. Take a look at an example of a day full of BLTs.

While having your usual serving of cereal in the morning, there is a little left in the box — too much to throw and not enough to save. So you dump it in your bowl. (50 calories)

Someone at work baked cookies and brought a plate to share. You say to yourself, “I’ll just have a small one. After all, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.” (100 calories)

After several trips past your co-worker’s desk, you finally take just one chocolate candy. You think, “It’s only one, and they are so cute!” (25 calories)

You eat your usual lunch and think afterwards, “Something sweet sounds good. I’ll see if there are any cookies left. They are so small.” (100 calories)

It’s midafternoon, and you are getting sluggish. A couple of chocolate candies would be far better than going down to the vending machine. (50 calories)

Before you can go home, you need to stop at the grocery store. You are so hungry you decide to buy a small pack of almonds. You think it will hold you over until you can eat your dinner, and almonds are healthy. (250 calories)

While making chili at home, you check to see if it is seasoned properly. You taste (30 calories), season, taste (30 calories), season, taste (30 calories). Now it’s just right. (90 calories)

It’s the evening and after all the chaos of your after-supper activities and chores. The kids are in bed, and now you can finally relax. Ice cream sounds really good — but not too much. One cup should be good. (500 calories)

How much of your daily calorie budget did you spend on all these BLTs? You had 1,165 extra calories on top of your usual eating plan.

BLTs are diet sabotages and can ruin all of your hard work. Don’t be caught off guard by a sneaky BLT.

Your Friend,