I hope you took time last week to read the story I shared about the starfish.

Each week I send out emails, post on social media, produce a podcast episode, and send out daily text in the hopes that I may just make a difference for one person.

I often have to remember the starfish story because sometimes I just think about wanting to help the masses and get disappointed when that does not happen.

Each email, post, podcast, or text is meant for one person. It is my hope that each day, each week, each month, and each year, what I send out finds the one starfish that it’s meant to make a difference.

I believe without a shadow of doubt that my purpose in life is to make a difference in others’ lives by serving and adding value to those I come in contact with. I will continue to walk along the scattered people on earth and make a difference for one.

My challenge to each of us is that when the task seems overwhelming, choose to make a difference for one. If we all chose to focus on the one, we can do amazing things as a world.

The one is waiting.

Do not stop.

It could be the next one.

Your Friend,