Last week I was driving home while it was turning dark and my lights came on on my truck. As I drove it became darker and darker. My truck lights shined in front of me guiding my path along the road. Once it was completely dark outside, I noticed that as my lights shined in front of me there was a line of dark about 20 feet in front of me. Past 20 feet I could not see much and was just following the light in front of me trusting it would show me what I needed to see. Even with light shining just 20 feet in front of me I kept my speed the same and never slowed down.

I began to think about what I could see in front of me and what I could not. How often in life do we move forward without decreasing speed when we can only see 20 feet in front of us? Trusting the light that shines on our pathway will guide us in the right direction and keep us on the road we are intended to be on.

I think sometimes we creep along the road of life because we cannot see past the light to see what lies ahead on our road.

I challenge each of us to do as I did driving home last week. Keep our speed the same as we move forward and trust the light that shines in front of us to show us the way. We can not always see in the dark down the road to see the challenges that may lay waiting ahead.

We trust the light and make course corrections along the road of life.

Your Friend,