Last week, the Today Show was on one of the televisions at the gym. The title of the segment was “Live the life you love”. The title really caught my attention.

My very first thought was, “I wonder how many of us are living the life we love?”.

My second thought was, “If we are not living the life we love then why are we not?”.

Choices lead us to a life we love and choices can also lead us to a life we dislike.

Who is incharge of our choices?

We are.

If we are incharge of our choices then doesn’t it stand to reason that we are responsible for living a life we love or dislike?

If we have a choice, why not choose a life we love.

To live a life we love sometimes we have to make hard choices that aren’t always easy but necessary in order to live a life we love. Maybe that is not at the very moment but the choices we make now will impact our life later thus creating a life we love.

My challenge to each of us is to start making choices today that will cause us to start living the life we love. Some choices will be easy. Some choices will be hard. Let us start being intentional about our choices so that the life we love becomes just one choice away.

Choose wisely my friends because we don’t want to miss the life we love.

Your Friend,