Good Morning Friends!!

“Please come in.”

“Welcome to Synergy Fitness.”

“Please have a seat on the couch and talk to me about your conflicts, struggles, and success.”

These words are not spoken when my personal training clients arrive for their sessions. We count reps. We do sets. We get a sweat going during the workout. Along with the workout comes conversations regarding conflicts, struggles, and successes.

I have some clients that comment after a session that we dragged the couch around during the session indicating we got a workout in along with a therapy session. What each might consider a therapy session was me listening to their concerns, joys, failures, successes, and thoughts.


Amazing what power listening has for others. When someone takes the time to actually listen to another person with interest and caring the outcome can be thought of as therapy.

Therapy for some can simply be the opportunity to vocalize their internal thoughts allowing their words to land on their own ears as well as others.

My challenge this week for each of us is to take time to tell someone you see them, by a simple act of being a true listener. Listening with no thought of what you will say next but waiting for the next word out of the speaker’s mouth. Allow someone else to speak so that you may listen and gift them the opportunity of a little therapy that could change their day, their week, their month, their year, or even their life.

Your Friend,