I powered up my computer and pulled up my Google Docs to write today’s words that I will send out.  The page I pull up is blank and there is a blinking line ready to put down the letters that make words that make a story which I get to create today.  

Today, as I looked at the blinking line I thought about each day we wake up.  When we wake up in the morning we are blessed with another day on earth where we get a blinking line on a blank page in which we get to create the story we chose today.  

My challenge to each of us is to ask ourselves what will we do with the blinking line we are given on this day.  The story that is written today by us is because of the thoughts we had, the emotions we were allowed to be, and the actions we took based on our thoughts and emotions.  

We each will have our story written today.  

Will you take control of the blinking line or will you allow someone else to take your blinking line and write your story today?  

You own your blinking line.  Create the story of your life.

Your Friend,