Some days I sit and look at the blank screen and wonder what words I will write to send out to the world that may make an impact.

Today as I sit and look at the blank screen I am reminded that our life is a blank screen that we have the ability to write anything we would like. Oftentimes, I think if we are not careful we share our screen, or life, with others and allow them to make edits that we don’t necessarily want or approve of.

John Maxwell, an author and leadership expert, tells a story of a gift he received from his secretary. The gift he received was a book and the front of the cover read, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. He says he opened the book and all of the pages were blank. They were blank so that he could write the story of his life.

We each have a book that the title reads, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. Each of our books are blank beyond the page of today. I challenge each of us to turn the page and begin writing the story we chose to write on the remaining blank pages.

Each of our stories have the ability to be page turners…

What will you write?

Your Friend,