Sometimes insightful thoughts come to me just as I am in the hazy state of wakeness and sleep.  One morning last week I was in this hazy state when I thought of holding a basketball and looking at a basketball hoop.  I was just holding the ball and staring at the hoop, not doing anything with the ball.  Why wasn’t I shooting the ball I thought. The next thought was if I don’t shoot the ball there is no way I’ll ever make a basket.  If I don’t shoot the ball there is a 100% guarantee I would not make the basket.  

In my hazy state I began to think about how the basketball goal represented our goals in life and the ball represented our actions we take.  

We may have a goal and stare endless hours, days, weeks, years at it wishing we would take a shot but are concerned with if we miss, what others will say about our shot, if we look funny, or we don’t know how to make the shot. All of these concerns keep us from shooting the ball, taking the action.  Without taking the action we have a 100% guarantee we will not make our goal. 

We take the shot, the action and we now have a chance to hit our goal no matter if we miss, we look funny, what others say, or even if we don’t know how.  

My challenge to each of us is to take the shot, the action.  The only 100% we have is if we don’t take action.  Take the action, take the chance, take the shot and don’t take the guarantee.   

Your Friend,