Over the weekend Kim and I took a little road trip to Red River, NM. While we were there we took several hikes and long walks. On the trail of one of our hikes we came to a fork in the trail, one path led to a higher trail and the other path led to a lower trail.

I asked Kim which path she wanted to take, high or low. She said she didn’t care so I said why don’t we live on the wild side and take the lower path. We probably hiked about fifty yards and came to a sign that said “Do Not Enter”. I looked at Kim and said sometimes the sign is big and in front of you when you decide to take the low road. We turned around and went back to the fork in the trail and took the high road.

Our hike was a good reminder that when we take the low road we can run into trouble with signs that say “do not enter”. The high road is sometimes the more difficult one to take but there are no signs that say “do not enter”.

My challenge to each of us this week is when we are tempted to take the low road remember there will be plenty of signs that read, “do not enter”. Take the high road at the moment there is a fork in the path because the high road is always the best road in life to take.

Hope to see you on the high road in life.

Your Friend,