Good Morning Friends!!

One of my favorite things to watch on a Sunday afternoon is golf. I love the calmness of the announcers’ voices, the quietness as the golfer is on the tee box or about to putt, and the beauty of the golf courses. With all the calmness watching golf brings me, I find myself beginning to doze. I can hear the game continuing as I have moments of conciseness during a little nap. Watching golf may not be everyone’s favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but it sure is mine.  

My challenge for you this week is delightfully simple: Find something that brings you joy. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or out of this world. Just a simple activity that brings you happiness and rejuvenation, like my Sunday afternoon TV golf sessions.  

What is something that brings you enjoyment that doesn’t require money would seem simple to most, and gives you a moment of peace?   

Reflect and the simplest of answers may surprise you.  

Your Friend,