Good Morning Friends!!

Over the weekend I co-hosted the All For One Community 5k in our little town. The weather was perfect for an outdoor event which made the day even better.

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing so many participants have an amazing time. For some, this event was their first 5k and some have been walking or running events like ours for years.

The most inspiring finish I saw Saturday, and I would dare to say all the participants at the event, was the finisher who came in last. She was a lady in her eighties and was walking with her son. Our race finished on the track at our local high school after making it almost three miles on streets in our town. She came around the last turn of the track with only 100 meters to go. She was leaning to one side and her son was holding her up as she walked. As they neared the finish line we stopped presenting awards and all cheered her on to the finish line.

We could all clearly see she was in pain and could barely move while she was losing her balance. Her son was holding her up so she would not fall over. She kept taking step after step after step and the finish line seemed so far away but she never stopped moving. The moment she crossed the finish line she almost fell and her son had to catch her.

How many times do we stop short of the finish line because it’s too hard, we get thrown off balance, we are in pain, we can barely stand, and for so many other reasons?

Saturday, I, and many others, witnessed a strong finish.

I challenge each of us to consider our own strong finish. A strong finish may mean that we will wobble, we will need to lean on others, we move slowly, but the most important part of a strong finish is that we cross the finish line.

Cross the finish line to celebrate your strong finish.

Your Friend,