I drove through town on Saturday morning heading to get some breakfast for Kim and I and I noticed business getting ready for the day.  

As I went into the donut shop they were busy making donuts to serve the customers for the day.  

The local tire shop was sweeping their driveway and getting all the jacks out.

The local Mexican food restaurant had an employee out watering all the plants outside the restaurant.  

The go-to spot for breakfast was full of customers getting their bellies full for a fun filled Saturday or maybe a Saturday full of work.  

All the different places were getting prepared for the day in different ways.  In a way that would make them successful for the day.  

Our days should start no different than the different businesses I saw as I drove through town on Saturday morning.  

My challenge to each of us is to start our day with a routine that sets us up for success.  Yes, we will each have a different way to start our day for success just like the different businesses in town start their day in different ways. 

Whether we each realize it or not we have a daily routine we start our day with.  If we are going to start the day with a routine, why not be intentional about your routine and make it one that will set you up for success to get the best start to your day. 

Each day we start with fresh new opportunities.

Your Friend,