Over the weekend Kim and I were in the truck headed for some shopping and lunch. We were listening to the Garth channel on siriusxm as we drove. A song came on called “Standing Outside the Fire” by Garth Brooks. I started listening to it in a slightly different manner. Kim was talking to me and said, “Did you hear me?” and I said “I am sorry I was in deep thought listening to this song”. She said “of course you were”.

The lyrics that caught me were as follows…

“Standing outside the fire

Standing outside the fire

Life is not tried it is merely survived

If you’re standing outside the fire”

I heard those lyrics in a different way Saturday afternoon. I realized the fire is the place we are most uncomfortable. If we live outside of the “fire”, our comfort zone, we just merely survive. Living inside the “fire”, the place of growth, is the place where we are tired and we experience what we desire.

I challenge each of us to start living in the fire. Live in a place where we are tired and we don’t just survive but thrive to get all we desire.

Time to step in the fire…

Your Friend,