One day last week I was on my way back to the gym from my weekly trip to Wal-Mart for cases of water for the gym.  I was passing a local business and saw a little dog sticking its snout out of the window of a pick up.  The little pup was sticking its tongue out as his snout was out the window.  There was a light rain and I realized the pup was trying to taste the rain on his tongue. 

The simple moment of watching a little puppy sticking his head out of the window to taste the rain helped to remind me to enjoy the small moments in life.  

The small moments of what rain tastes like.

The small moments of a hug.  

The small moments of being with others you love.

The small moments of a kind word. 

The small moments of a sunrise.  

The small moments of waking to enjoy another day.  

My challenge to myself and each of us is to enjoy the small moments in life.  It might be tasting the rain or simply enjoying the moment we see a puppy tasting the rain only to remind us to enjoy the moments.  

Reminders surround us in life.  We just need to notice the reminders to enjoy the small moments.   

Your Friend,