Good Morning Friends!!  

Hope each of you had a wonderful Easter!  Kim and I were excited to have our 18 month old grandson, Cal, at our house for the weekend. We walked through the pasture and to our tank with him.  On the way back to the house we would grab Cal’s hands and swing him up high.  He would giggle the sweetest giggle.  He was so happy and in turn his happy little giggles made Kim and I so happy.  

Our daughter in law was following us and was able to take pictures and capture the moments.  I looked at the pictures and was reminded that happiness is very simple and sometimes we make it super complicated.

Happiness sometimes is simply enjoying the moment we are in and celebrating that very moment.  

My challenge to each of us this week is to be mindful not to complicate happiness.  Be happy for the moment we are in remembering that sometimes happiness is found in something as simple as swinging your grandchild or being the one swinging.  

Enjoy simple happiness! 

Your Friend,