Over the weekend I did my usual lawn mowing with my riding mower.  I noticed that my mower was mowing a little uneven and leaving some grass taller and some shorter.  I realized it may have been a while since I either sharpened or replaced my mower blades.  As I would come and go all weekend I would look at my uneven grass and be a little irritated with myself that I had not replaced my mower blades during the winter when I didn’t need to do any mowing.  

Then I began to look at the grass and saw some similarities between the grass and myself.  I am guilty of becoming a little uneven, unbalanced, smooth and jagged, and just looking a little unmanicured.  I do the same thing to myself as I did the mower blades.  I don’t take the time to sharpen my own blades.  

What do our life blades look like?  

We sharpen our blades by…

Enjoying a hobby.

Taking a vacation.

Taking time for ourselves.

Spending time in prayer.  

The list of blade sharpeners can go on and on and is unique to each one of us.  We each have unique blades that require unique sharpening.  

My challenge to each of us is to not wait till life is unbalanced, uneven, not smooth, too out of control to sharpen our blades. Take time on a daily basis to keep our blades sharp in a way that works best for your blades.  

Daily blade sharpening will help ensure an overall better well manicured life.  

Your Friend,