Last week I read this quote and thought it was so powerful.  

“You don’t see things in your life as they are, you see things as YOU are.  The more you alter WHO you are, the more you will begin to SEE things differently!”  – Ed Mylett

I think the quote above deserves rereading a couple of more times.  

If we want circumstances in our lives to begin to change we must start with ourselves.  What different thoughts can we have?  Those different thoughts will begin to alter our decisions.  Those altered decisions will begin to change who you are.  When you begin to change who you are you begin to see those circumstances differently and then those circumstances begin to change.  

The process of change began and will always begin with you.  

If you are around me very long you will find out that I dislike the act of running very much.  Even with disliking running I run five to six times per week.  If I dislike running, why would I run that much each week?  I run because of the feeling I get when I am finished running.  I feel empowered.  I feel strong.  I feel like I can do hard things.  I feel accomplished.  I feel disciplined.  The act of running did not change.  I changed because I see running as a habit of who I am.  I want to be a person who feels all of those things after running.  In order to feel that way I must go through the act of running.  

I altered my to be able to see running differently.  

My challenge for each of this week is to begin to see if there are some things we need to see differently in our lives that require us to alter who we are.  The altering process can be a lifelong process but requires a starting point that only we can control.

Who do you want to become in order to see the world in a different light?

Your Friend,