Good Morning Friends!!

I am scared…

Scared of success.

Scared of failure.

Scared of the unknown.

Scared of moving from my comfort zone.

Scared of change.

I have been scared of all of the above for the past several months. Scared which has caused me to stand still because of the what if’s.

I am tired of being scared of success, failure, the unknown, leaving my comfort zone, and of change.

I am going to start moving out of my comfort zone towards the unknown to seek change which could result in some failures but ultimately will mean success.

Friends, it is okay to acknowledge being scared. Scared is a normal feeling in life. What we do with scared is totally up to each one of us. For me, I have decided that being scared is holding me back and I am allowing it to hold me back from my full potential. I am stepping out, and will no longer let scared determine my future.

Are you scared?

What are you scared of?

I challenge each of you this week to look your scared in the face and say “no more”. No more will scared have a hold.

I am offering you my hand this week. Let’s face our scared’s together and know that we have each other to conquer our scared’s.

I am a Victor, not a Victim.

Your Friend,