Good Morning Friends!!

Kim and I were on a short road trip this past weekend to see our daughter, Morgan, in Midland, Texas.  A quick trip just to see her face, give her a hug, and spend a little time visiting.  

On our way out to Midland there was some road construction on the opposite side of the road and several state trucks with arrows pointing for vehicles to move over.  Of course, vehicles noticed the signs and began to move over to go around the construction and stay in the clear lane.  Traffic kept running smoothly because of each vehicle noticing the road signs and getting over into the proper lane.  

When I saw the trucks and signs my immediate thought was what if we had those kind of big flashing arrows on our road way of life.  The big flashing arrow would tell us to get over because there is some construction ahead that could slow us down or even stop us.  

How helpful would those signs be?  We could just cruise along and miss all the construction in life.  

My second thought was but what if we missed all the construction in our life?  The construction we encounter in our lives help us change, grow, and become better versions of ourselves.  

My challenge to each of us is to be thankful for those signs that do come in our lives that show us a clear path, but to also be thankful for those times we encounter the construction along the way.

Road construction will always be happening during our journey.  Be patient and embrace the road to who you are today.  

Your Friend,