Yesterday I was going to take my wife, Kim’s, car for a quick trip to the store. I went to start it and it was slow to start but it started so I went ahead and took it for a little drive to see if the battery needed a little charging. I made it home and went out later to start her car and move it so I could put air in the tires. The battery was dead. I took the battery out and took it to an auto parts store for them to test the battery. The nice employee at the store said it would take about an hour for the battery to charge and be tested. I gave her my number and asked for her to call me when it was ready.

As I drove home from the auto parts store I began to think about the empty spot in Kim’s car where the battery was sitting. I began to think about how the body of the car was in great shape, the tires were good, the engine was good, and besides the battery needing recharging the car was in perfect working condition.

Even in perfect working condition her car would not do anything without a charged battery.

I thought even further how much we are like Kim’s car.

We have good health.

Our body is in good shape.

We are good on the inside and out.

If our body is healthy inside and out but we have let our battery run down we are just like Kim’s car, we cannot go anywhere.

Our battery recharge might look like no social media, quitness, vacation, quality time with family or friends, alone time, an activity we enjoy, or something that we can connect to to receive the full charge.

My challenge to each of us this week is to take some time to recharge our batteries so that we may be able to run at an optimal level.

Your Friend,