Good Morning Friends!!

Last Friday morning as I was about to get off my treadmill after a 30 min workout I noticed in the top right hand corner the numbers that told me how many people had taken the workout and how I ranked among those.

My first thought when I saw my number, which meant more than half of those that did the workout ranked higher than me, was that the number doesn’t define how hard I worked.

That ranking didn’t know I didn’t want to get out of bed.

That ranking didn’t know I beat my distance and pace from the week before.

That ranking didn’t know I wasn’t super motivated to run.

That ranking didn’t know my discipline to get on the treadmill.

That ranking doesn’t know me so why would I allow a number to rank me?

When we show up when we lack motivation, are tired, are weak, are unsure, scared, insecure, and afraid we rank number one because we showed up. We showed up despite everything within us saying to stay where we are in our comfort zone.

I challenge each one of us to show up outside your comfort zone where your number one ranking is waiting.

Show up when we are scared.

Show up when we lack motivation.

Show up when we are weak.

Show up when we are tired.

Show up today and everyday to see your number one rank for yourself.

You rank number one!

Your Friend,