My wife, Kim, is a fantastic picture-taker with her iPhone yet she will play it off when I tell her or tell others about her hidden talent.  She can take a picture of a place or thing and make it look different than anyone else’s picture that may have been taken of the same item or location.    

Why are her pictures so much different and I feel amazing?  

She sees an angle or perspective that no one else sees.  She will move her phone in all directions from the ground to up high to get that view she sees.  She will take the picture and show me and I’ll ask if she took that picture knowing she did because I was standing right next to her when she did.  

Kim sees the colors, angles, and scenes that I never see even with us being in the same place looking at the same places.  

We all see the same world in a little different way.

I challenge each of us to take the opportunity to see the world from a different angle, experience the different colors, see the beauty in the frame, and snap the picture capturing the beauty we saw in our mind but maybe no one else saw.  Remember it is okay if others don’t see what we see because we are each looking through a different lens.  

The view you see through your lens is uniquely yours to see.  

Your Friend,