Last week I had a few medium size holes fixed on a couple of walls at the gym. The process to fix the holes took about three or four days. The holes weren’t huge but took several steps and time to dry each time a process was done.

I was in the gym looking at the holes towards the end of the week and there was some dust from sanding still on the floor. I began to think about the handy man telling me he was going to have to add plaster and sand several times until he was able to texture. Each time he added plaster to build the wall up to match the rest of the wall he would sand the wall before he added.

Repairing the wall at the gym is so much like our lives. We add some rough stuff to build us up then we have to spend a little time sanding away to make smooth again. We then add some more rough times then have to sand again to smooth out. We continue this process throughout our lives because each time the process builds us up. Makes us stronger.

The rough spots we face are necessary to build us up.

Embrace your rough spots, smooth them out, and build higher and stronger.

Your Friend,