A couple of weeks ago one of the bolts came out of a lifting bar at the gym.  I looked and looked around the gym for the bolt to fix the bar.  I could not find it anywhere.  I knew no one would throw it away if they found it, but I was not finding it.  I looked high and low and spent more time than I should have for the bolt.  Finally, I decided it would show up somewhere.  

Fast forward to last Monday morning.  Monday’s are usually the day I workout my chest in my workout schedule. I did a couple of my normal lifts then decided to move over and do dumbbell chest presses.   I started out with some 50 pound dumbbells.  Towards the end of each set the weight was challenging but I felt I could do a little more and make the workout a little harder. I put up my 50 pound dumbbells and grabbed the 55’s.  I did two sets and struggled on each set with the last few reps.  I re-racked the weights and as I re-racked the weights I noticed a bolt standing on its end next to the 55’s I was putting up.  

The bolt I had spent countless time looking for was on the dumbbell rack next to the 55 pound dumbbells.  

The lesson from last Monday’s workout was when we push ourselves past our comfort zone we will find what we are looking for.  

I challenge each of us this week to commit to pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones.  To push ourselves out of our comfort zone requires a deep desire to achieve more and be more in order to find what we have spent countless time seeking.  

What you seek you will find just on the other side of comfort.  

Your Friend,