Last week I had many great opportunities that I was excited to participate in.  The week started off on Tuesday with an interview with a local entrepreneur for My Hometown podcast. 

On Wednesday afternoon, I sat down with the Superintendent of our local school district for a virtual town hall meeting regarding a school bond that will be voted on in the coming weeks.  

On Wednesday evening, I was able to lead my marriage small group in a wonderful discussion about Ruth and Boaz and God’s providence.  

I wrapped up the week by having the opportunity to speak to our local football team before they played Friday night.  The topic was Unseen Hours.  I shared with them that in the unseen hours is where the discipline happens and gaps the bridge between motivation and success.   

A week that at the beginning I was nervous about all that was scheduled and what I had to prepare for. A week that by the end I was excited about all the opportunities I was offered during the week. 

How many times have we maybe canceled things during the week because we maybe weren’t prepared for, were nervous about, or just found something else we wanted to do?  

How many times have we missed out the opportunities because of some of those things?

I challenge each of us this week to look at your week and be excited about the things ahead you have even when you may not be for so many other reasons.  On the other side of those things lies the gratitude for the opportunities you were given to make a difference either in your own life or the lives of others.  

Opportunities sometimes come in disguise.

Your Friend,