Made you open and look.

A couple of weeks ago I scheduled an email to go out on a Monday to my email list when it was supposed to go out on Tuesday morning.  When I realized it had gone out on Monday morning I sent another email with a subject line starting with “Oops…”.  

I sent the email with the subject line of “Oops…” and had an open rate of almost 60% compared to my usual 40-45%.  

Why is it that when we see a mistake we become more interested in what is going on? 

We want to find what and how someone messed up.  

Do we hope to cheer the underdog on to make a comeback or find the answer that made the difference?

Or maybe we hope someone has made the same mistake we have and we haven’t found the answer yet to correct our mistake so we look to that person hoping they found the answer to the same mistake we made?   

Oops happens a lot in our lives and thank goodness our oops aren’t on every subject line of our lives because could you imagine the open rate we would have? 

My challenge to each of us is to support the happy subject lines in life just as much as the oops subject lines.  Support by cheering others on, lifting them up, holding them up, walking side by side, giving them a clap, a high five, or sometimes just a smile that says way to go.   

Your Friend,