Last week I sent out a text to all of those that signed up for my daily inspirational text and asked them if they were granted only one wish from a genie in a magical lamp what would it be. They would only get one and could not ask for more. Once that wish was gone it was gone forever.

I am sure if I asked you the question you would think long and hard about what you would make your one wish be because you would want to make it count since you were never going to get another one again.

My follow up question was, now what if that wish was a moment. We never got the moment back and we never get another moment again. What would you do with the moment that you were given?

Would you spend as much time thinking about what you did in that moment?

Did you live that moment to its fullest?

Did you love in that moment all you could?

Did you give all you could in that moment?

Did you listen at that moment all you could?

Those moments will come and we may never get a chance to redo that moment. I challenge each of us to treat those moments like our one wish we have been given. Make our moments count and mean the most we possibly can because the next moment is not promised to us.

What will you do with your one moment?

Your Friend,