Over the past week I have had so many conversations with clients expressing their feeling of overwhelm.  As each one shares with me all of the things that are causing them the feeling of overwhelm I am reminded of Teddy Herrera.  

I met Teddy almost 12 years ago by chance on the Plaza at the Today show in New York.  Kim and I had taken a vacation to New York and we wanted to watch the Today show on the Plaza.  We were standing next to Teddy when Al Roker came up to ask him questions about his cycling across America for childhood obesity.  After the short interview Kim and I talked with Teddy for a few moments and exchanged contact information. 

A few months later we had arranged for Teddy to come talk to the students at our local schools.  During his talk he shared with the students some frequent questions he would commonly be asked.  One of the questions was how did he ride his bike 11,000 miles across America.  His answer to the question, one pedal at a time.  

I used Teddy’s example many times this past week.  When we are overwhelmed we must remember we can’t do it all at one time.  We have to take one pedal at a time to complete the tasks and the journey. 

My challenge to each of us this week is to focus on making each pedal stroke the best we can and before we know it we will look back and see how far we have come. Beat overwhelm by taking small actions compounded over time to make a huge difference.  

Be Teddy this week and take it one pedal at a time.  

Your Friend,