I was mowing a couple weeks ago and it was a cloudy day. Not really stormy clouds but clouds with some gray in them.

As I looked at the clouds covering the sky I began to think about the times I had been flying in an airplane and looked out the window at the clouds below me. It was cloudy below the plane but the plane was flying in a completely beautiful blue sky.

I had two thoughts that day on the mower looking at the clouds.

My first thought was that beyond every cloud is a bright blue sunny sky. Sometimes the clouds cover up the bright blue sky. Just because we cannot see the blue sky does not mean it is not there, but yet only we cannot see it. If we push past those clouds we will emerge in the blueness of the heavens.

My second thought was the perspective we have. From the earth looking up it was a cloudy day with no blue sky in sight. If I had been in a plane that day I would have been above the clouds in the blue sky looking down on them.

My challenge to each of us is to remember with every cloudy day or problem day there is blue sky or a solution just on the other side of the problem. We must just be willing to keep pushing past the problem to see the blue sky solution. Once we push past the problem and are enjoying the blue sky solution we can do as we do in the plane and look down at those problems and have an entirely different perspective.

There is always a blue sky, it is up to each of us to determine if we want to find it or not.

Your Friend,