Over the weekend I was mowing behind our backyard fence and noticed my dog, Tango, with his nose against the back door just looking at the door.

He had not been outside long. He had just come out to go potty and went straight back to the door staring and waiting to be let in. My wife, Kim, had planned on leaving him out for a bit because the day was perfect weather, not too hot with just a slight breeze. For about 30 minutes Tango just kept staring at the door waiting to be let inside.

As I watched him stand and stare at the door waiting to be let in I began to think what all he was missing. He was missing the nice soft green grass to lay in. He was missing the sun shining on him out in the yard. He was missing the nice breeze blowing.

I think sometimes we act the same as Tango did on the back porch facing the corner of the back door.

We are so intent and focused waiting for something that may or may not happen that we miss everything wonderful going on around us that we do not see.

We miss happiness.

We miss joy.

We miss enjoyment.

We miss contentment.

We miss life.

My challenge to each of us is to not be like Tango. Tango missed so much while he was outside because he could only focus his thoughts on one thing.

Join me this week about being intentional about not missing life.

Your Friend,