Good Morning Friends!!

A few weeks ago I had a client text me and tell me he was not going to be able to come workout. He didn’t give a reason and I just responded I hoped everything was okay and I would see him next week.

Later in the week, I got a text apologizing for not coming to the workout, he just wasn’t feeling it and not motivated to come workout when he originally texted me to say he wouldn’t be there.

When he canceled the thought of him not being motivated to come workout NEVER crossed my mind. I, in fact, was a little shocked when I found out he didn’t come because of lack of motivation. I was even more shocked at myself that the thought of no motivation would not enter my mind.

I most always assume everyone is motivated to exercise. Kim often reminds me that not everyone is as excited as I am to exercise. I wouldn’t say I am always excited or motivated to exercise but I know for me, I do it because it makes me feel better about myself each day and gives me a better outlook on life when I can start my day with movement.

My challenge this week for myself is to be more empathetic when motivation isn’t at 100% from others when I expect it should be.

My challenge to each of you this week is when motivation is not at 100% think about the feeling you have after you exercise and most important your WHY for exercising. Use that feeling and your why to fill in the gap between your motivation and 100%.

The gap you fill is called discipline.

Your Friend,