A new year has begun and we hear so many say “New Year, New Me”. Maybe we are guilty of saying the same. This is the year that I will be a new me.

We don’t wake up on January 1st and poof we are a brand new person. In order to have a “new me” we must start changing our daily habits. Changing your daily habits compounds over time. One daily habit changed today and practicing daily makes big changes as time goes on.

What happens when you start stacking all of those habit changes that are being practiced daily?

You begin to form a “new me”.

A “New Me” will happen in this New Year when we live our daily lives with intention.

I challenge each of us in the New Year to live intentionally and create those new habits along with practicing them on a daily basis so that a year from now we may say, “I am a new me”.

Happy New Me!

Your Friend,