Good Morning Friends!!

Over the last week and half I have been having the inside of the gym painted. Everything has been a mess from having furniture moved, to having paint clothes everywhere, to having scrapings from the wall on the floor. I like to have everything in its place so the last week and half has been a struggle for me to see everything out of place.

I began thinking about everything being out of place and just plain messy as the painting was coming along and the gym began to look like a new place. I began to think about our lives and how sometimes they can look a mess when we are working on making some changes that will look so much better in the future.

How many times do we sometimes stop half way through the process of change because it just looks too messy and we can’t see what a difference the new changes will make in our lives?

I have been guilty of stopping half way through because things just go too messy. The last week and half has been a good visual reminder for me to stay the course and work through the mess for what lies on the other side. On the other side sometimes lies clean crisp lines, a fresh new look, and a place you just love to be in.

I want to challenge each of us to work through our messes so that we may appreciate the beauty on the other side.

Your friend,