A couple of weeks ago a couple miles from my house there was a grass fire on the side of the road. The fire was not too big and was put out quickly by our rural fire department. The fire left behind burnt grass that was all black.

Earlier this week we got about a half inch of rain and the sun has been out everyday since the rain. I drove by the burned grass over the weekend and noticed there was new green grass coming up.

Sometimes in life we get burned and our surface is scorched. We look like nothing can grow. We get a little rain in our lives along with some sunshine and before we know it we have new growth in our life. Our rain and sunshine might be in the form of encouragement, prayer, faith, a loving embrace, a smile, and so many other forms that might be unique to us.

Know that sometimes we look all used up and not good for anything on the outside. When our rain and sunshine come, what we have in us begins to sprout allowing us to come alive again. We go through the scorched stages in life sometimes so new, and better things can grow out of us.

New growth is coming…

Get ready!

Your Friend,