As I sat rocking my 14 month old grandson, Calum, before daylight on Thanksgiving morning I reminded myself that moments like this were what life was about. I am guilty as I am sure many of you might be that we let the little moments of life slip away without notice because we are too busy looking forward to what is to come or what we are waiting for.

Funny thing about moments is once they are gone they are gone forever to never be recaptured in the same manner again. Sure we can try and recreate them but the moment at that specific day and time never occurs again.

My challenge to each of us is to recognize those moments and take the time to spend in the moment. We look out on our life and think we have such a long time to catch those moments if we miss them. As I was rocking Calum I thought back to what only seemed like yesterday as I rocked my kids at that age. I was reminded that I was in a hurry for life and missed many moments with my kids.

I took the time on Thanksgiving morning to enjoy the moment with little Calum knowing that moment would never come again but I would cherish it forever.

Cherish the moments my friends.

Your Friend,