Over the weekend I was having some ceiling tiles replaced at the gym. The guys showed up at about 8 o’clock just as I was finishing up some things I was doing at the gym. They got started and I had gone outside for a few minutes to clean up and when I came back inside I saw one of the guys dropping a tile on the floor. There was really kind of a big mess on the floor because the ceiling tiles crumble easily and are messy.

The guys had replaced ceiling tiles a couple of weeks ago and when I came into the gym after they had finished everything was all clean. I had not seen any of the mess they were making, all I saw was the finished product.

I had to leave the gym this past weekend when they were working because I could not handle the messy process. I went in yesterday and everything was clean and looking great.

The experience over the weekend reminded me that when the process of replacing the old with new can be messy and sometimes we can’t be around. If I had stuck around I would have stressed over the mess, the dust, the ladders, and just everything.

I left the guys to do their work because I trusted their process. I trusted through the mess came the results of a much better looking ceiling.

I challenge each of us to sometimes trust the process.

Trusting the process may be messy.

Trusting the process may mean we need to not get involved.

Trusting the process may mean we let someone else do the work.

Trusting the process may mean we have to have faith that through the process everything comes out better on the other side.

Like the ceiling tiles that were replaced, the dust will settle and we will see the beauty that the process created.

Your Friend,