Do you ever have thoughts and they are just all jumbled in your head?

As I write this blog that is exactly what is going on in my mind. Jumbled thoughts with difficulty of getting them organized to write in an organized manner.

I know for me many times I try to fight the jumble and work really hard at making those jumbled thoughts become organized. I decided today not to fight against the jumble and just embrace the mess going on in my mind.

I think embracing the jumbled mess is not always a bad thing and sometimes we just need to be and sit in the jumble for a little bit and not fight against the mess.

Has your mind ever been in a jumbled mess and you just let it be messy and without forcing or trying, your mess begins to become organized in your mind.

I want to challenge each of us this week and for weeks to come, if we find our mind in a mess to just sit with it and let work itself out. Many times when we don’t force the organization the knowledge and understanding will show up.

We all have a messy mind from time to time.

Embrace the mess.

Your Friend,