Good Morning Friends!!

Last week during my small group training class I had set up a station that was called a box jump.  I had put four 45-pound rubber weights stacked on each other so the height was about sixteen inches tall.  Clients could take a weight off to reduce the size by four inches depending on what they could do.  

The height of the weights did not necessarily determine fitness level.  

The height of the weights was determined by mental capability.  Many participants in class were capable of jumping a higher stack but their minds stopped them from doing more.  

Their minds told them all the reasons to be afraid of the height of weights.

You could trip.

You could skin your shins.

You could fall over the weight and land on your face.

You could look like a fool if you can’t make it.  

Often times our minds will stop us from doing what we are more than capable of doing.  

My challenge to each of us this week is to question ourselves when there are things we want to do but are not.  Are we not capable of doing them or is the real reason we are letting our mind tell us all the things that could happen that may never come to pass?  

You are capable of more.

Your Friend,