Good Morning Friends!!

I wish grass didn’t grow so fast. I mowed my yard Saturday as I do every week. My yard looked so nice and manicured when I was finished. I woke up this morning and looked out at the yard and grass was already growing. My yard was no longer all nice, even and manicured. I really need to mow about every couple of days for it to keep that fresh, well manicured look.

I began to think about how keeping a well manicured lawn takes almost daily consistency of mowing, watering and fertilizing.

A well manicured life takes the same kind of daily, weekly, and yearly consistency. We must water and fertilize our lives with things that make us grow. Just like my yard we get those weeds in our lives that require some pulling and sometimes those weeds take a plan to get rid of because we have not tended to them in a while.

What fertilizes each of us is unique to who we are. Not all of us respond to the same fertilizer. We have to find the brand that works best for us in our lives. How do you find the best? Sometimes you have to try different brands until you find the right one that, just like your grass, turns your life a pretty green with less and less weeds.

Just like my yard, if I fertilize and forget to water my yard will turn brown and die out. We must pour water into our lives so we can keep that fresh manicured look. Even with all my efforts occasionally my yard still looks a little unkept and so do our lives at times.

I challenge each of us this week to continue fertilizing, watering, and pulling weeds in our lives to maintain the best life we can. Of course sometimes it will look a little messy but we still need to continue doing all the right things and life will look right again even if it takes a little time.

How is your life lawn looking?

Your Friend,