Good Morning FitFam!!!

I wanted to share with each of you about a major break up I had a couple of weeks ago that I am now able to talk about. We had been together for about 31 years. Our relationship was a roller coaster. We had ups and downs with way more downs in those 31 years. A couple weeks ago I finally, after 31 years, said goodbye to the one that has run my life for 31 years.

Yes, this is the first I am sharing about my break up with my bathroom scale.

The scale and I first met when I was 12 years old when I attended my first Weight Watcher meeting. Every since that day my scale has run my life. It has seen me gain and lose many many times. Even after 100lb weight lose I still struggled with the uncertainty of my scale. Each day when I got on it, it would tell me if I should be proud of myself or disappointed in myself.

A couple of weeks ago I had enough of the 1 pound down, 1 pound up, 3 pound up, 2 down. We all know how the scale likes to play tricks on us. I consistently strength train, do cardio, and eat a clean diet. I am doing all the right things yet every week I would let the scale dictate my progress and how I felt about myself.

No more!!! I continue to work hard each week with food and exercise like I have 100lbs to lose, but now I will use my mirror, tape measure, and clothes to judge my progress.

I know my habits are in place to be successful on daily basis. I trust the process and will no longer be in an up and down relationship with the scale.

Are you currently in a bad relationship with the scale? Are your daily habits on target with your food and exercise?

STOP letting the scale dictate the type of person you are. It does not have control over you. It does not have the power to tell you today you are awesome because you lost a pound. It does not have the power to tell you today you are worthless because you gained two pounds or stayed the same.

Live a life scale free. Follow successful exercise and food habits on a daily basis using the mirror and your clothes to be your guide. Along with this goes being honest with yourself and holding yourself accountable.

A scale free life is a life of freedom.

Are you ready to be free…