Good Morning Friends!!

Well that was a lousy week!!

How many times have each of us said that at the end of a week?

I had one of those weeks last week.

In reality the week wasn’t lousy. In reality it was me having a lousy mind. My mind was being negative. My mind was wanting to take away any joy. My mind was causing me to have imposter syndrome.

My mind was doing what I was allowing it to do. I was letting my mind run wild and I was not putting a stop to it which caused me to say I had a lousy week.

Reflecting back on last week I realized that I had several opportunities during the week to course correct my mind and take my mind in a different direction. In a direction I wanted it to go instead of letting it go off on a tangent of its own.

I want to challenge each of us this week to work on developing our mind so that we may be able to understand where we could have made better decisions to improve our attitude. Development and understanding takes practice because practice is the only way we get better at anything.

Does practice mean we will be perfect?

Not by a long shot, but practice will help us get back on track quicker and be more consistent

Let’s begin our practice this week so that our mind will not take charge and cause us to have a lousy week.

We are in charge of our week.

Time for a great week!!

Your Friend,