Last Friday I came home in the afternoon before I had to go to another meeting.  When I got home my wife, Kim, was watching a hotel movie.  

Whenever Kim and I are on a trip and spending the night in a hotel we will flip through channels, without looking through the guide, to find a movie that catches our attention.  You know, one of those movies that you say I am just gonna watch for a minute to see what is happening then you end up watching the whole movie to the end.

When I got home last Friday afternoon I sat down to watch the movie she was watching for just a minute.  Before I knew it the movie was over and I had watched the whole thing. 

I don’t even know the name of the movie but one phrase spoke to me.  A character was speaking and said “Live an extraordinary ordinary life”.     

Oftentimes we may feel like we have an ordinary life.  Ordinary life as in regards to those we may see in the movies, on tv, or even on social media.  

We can have an ordinary life as we may think it to be but we can live our ordinary life in an extraordinary way.  

We can love those closest to us a little more.  

We can add just a little more value to our friends’ lives.  

We can add a smile to the hello we give to a passerby.  

We can hug a little longer. 

We can appreciate those moments that will be gone in a breath.  

Yes, my challenge to each of us in the coming days, months, and years is to Live an Extraordinary Ordinary Life.  No matter what others’ lives look like, we all live an ordinary life as we see it.  

If we have an ordinary life why not take the time to live it in an extraordinary way? 

Live Extraordinary.

Your Friend,