I bought some items from the Facebook marketplace last week and had to go and get them a couple of hours from my house. The items were kind of big and bulky, so I had to hook my trailer up to my truck and take it to load them. I loaded the items and headed back home. 

When I headed back home, the traffic was light. I was pretty focused on the items on the trailer, ensuring they didn’t move and stayed secure. About an hour later, I noticed I was surrounded by traffic. I thought to myself, where did all this traffic come from that I hadn’t noticed?  The traffic hadn’t just appeared.  I had been so focused on my trailer and ensuring everything was secure that I hadn’t noticed the traffic becoming heavier.  

Doesn’t the same thing happen to us in life?  

We are focused on work, kids’ activities, vacations, volunteer work, and so many other things.  

We didn’t notice the extra thing we said yes to, and the next thing we said yes to. All of a sudden, we notice all the traffic in our lives—all the traffic we call busyness. 

We don’t just get dropped into a busy life; we create a busy life because we are focused on other things and don’t realize all the yes.   

I challenge each of us not to get surprised by all the traffic in life. Be mindful of all the extra things we are adding to our busy highway of life. Make sure those things are added intentionally so that we can manage our highway of life so that we do not have so much traffic that it bogs us down.      

The next thing we say yes to could be the thing that causes to much traffic on our highway. 

Your Friend,