I have a confession…

I am a chronic procrastinator.  

I will always meet the deadline but will usually wait till the last minute to get the work done.  I have been a procrastinator since I was in school.  

I have worked throughout the years to be better at not procrastinating and have gotten somewhat better but I still push the limits saying I work better under pressure.  

We can talk ourselves into and convince ourselves of many things, can’t we? 

The truth…

I have the choice and ability to end procrastination once and for all. Each time I choose to wait till the last minute I am making the choice to continue the pattern of procrastination. Every time I make a choice I am creating a habit.  

To change a habit we begin making different choices.  

I challenge each of us this week to keep that in mind when we are dissatisfied with how things are going in our lives.  We have created our habits because of the choices we have been making consistently over time.  

Will you join me this week to change your actions to create new habits that align with your goals? 

Your Friend,