Yesterday afternoon I was on my way to get a piece of gym equipment I had bought off an individual about 40 miles from home here in Texas.

As I was driving I noticed all the changing colors of the trees and didn’t think much about it until I remembered we were already a few days in December. Sometimes, in Texas our seasons change a little slower than other places.

I kept driving, thinking about the trees, the time of year, and how much our lives are similar to the changing colors of the trees late in the season.

In all my years of life I have never witnessed a summer come right after a fall, it is always, fall then winter. In Texas our winter has arrived but a little milder temperatures than normal, because of the mild temperatures the trees are a little late in turning colors this year. However, even though we are in winter the trees have just now decided to change colors.

Sometimes we are like the trees I saw today driving down the highway. We are a little late in our season when we change. Changing a little late in our season doesn’t make us any less beautiful, it just means the environment around us may have been different.

My challenge to each of us is to be patient with our seasons in life.

Beauty in life will show up at the perfect time when the conditions are right. Be patient for the right conditions.

Your Friend,