A couple of weeks ago my wife and daughter were on their daily walk through a neighborhood they normally don’t walk in. They passed by a house with jugs lined up along the curb and as they came back around the same house on their way back from their walk they saw an older gentleman filling the jugs with water and putting them back by the curb. My wife and daughter said good morning to the older gentlemen and he stopped them to chat for a minute. During the conversation my wife asked him what he was doing with all of those jugs of water. He smiled and said they were for his wife. He proceeded to tell my wife that his wife had passed away a couple of years ago. He said she loves pretty flowers so several times a week he fills up all his jugs of water and takes them out to the cemetery to water the flowers at her grave so they will stay pretty for her since he knew she loved pretty flowers.

I got goosebumps as my wife shared this older gentlemens story with me. I began to think about the jugs that he set out and filled numerous times each week and had been doing so for the past two years. Those jugs represented his love for his wife because he wanted to keep the flowers at her grave pretty because he knew she enjoyed pretty flowers.

I believe we each have jugs in our lives. They may not be actual jugs filled with water. Each of our jugs look different in our lives.

Some may look like taking out the trash.

Some may be opening a door for our loved one.

Some may be doing an unenjoyable task.

Some may be that little wink and a smile to someone else.

Yes, we all have jugs of love in our lives and I challenge you to recognize those jugs and the importance it means to another human being.

A seemingly small act of love to us can mean the world to someone else.

Your Friend,